❄️Introducing Firn

Firn is a zero-knowledge privacy platform for Ethereum and EVM-based chains.


Firn is a state-of-the-art, zero-knowledge privacy utility for Ethereum and EVM-based rollups. Firn supports not just private payments, but the private invocation of arbitrary smart contracts. Firn moreover allows deposits and withdrawals of arbitrary amounts of Ether, as well as private, peer-to-peer payments (in which the sender's and receiver's identities and the amount being transferred are all hidden). In this light, Firn can be viewed as something like a general-purpose private wallet for EVM-based blockchains.

Unlike all other projects in the privacy space, Firn uses an account-based architecture. In practical terms, this means that Firn's browser-based wallet can retrieve and synchronize your account state extremely efficiently, downloading less than a kilobyte of data in the process. Other projects require data downloads in the megabytes, and prohibitive synchronization times. These requirements have proven problematic for various ecosystem partners (including Aztec and Zcash). As privacy projects continue to grow and mature, we believe that our wallet's superior efficiency will prove decisive.

Firn has been audited by BlockSec. This audit captures the protocol's high-level payment, funds storage, and token logic. The protocol's cryptography—while designed and implemented according to the most exacting possible standards—has not yet gone through a formal audit.

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